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Features simple process management

If your business processes branch out into complicated flow charts or you plan to fully automate them, then Procesoid is not the tool for you. Yet in the overwhelming majority of other cases, Procesoid will serve you well as an alternative to much more complex (and expensive) applications.

Our app will help you to:

  • Start processing right away what you have been postponing for years
  • Work faster and save on operating and administrative costs
  • Improve existing workflows
  • Delegate work and tasks without loosing control
  • Keep your know-how up to date
  • Never forget anything in your routine workflows
  • Never repeat the same mistake twice
  • Integrate all your business processes into a unified whole
  • Find hidden reserves as well as roots of problems
  • Improve success rates for sales, customer support, etc.
  • Keep track of completed tasks much more easily

References simply reliable

Procesoid has been designed to stay simple and clean, whether you have a dozen or a hundred of processes shared among a team or across an entire company.


“By now, I have been using Procesoid for a year, both in my personal life and in work to manage our team at RWE Gas Storage. Thanks to Procesoid, I was able to take back control of the processes that we use. Its process design, maintenance and sharing features are very simple and intuitive. Procesoid enables me to keep my productivity and team performance on a very high level.”

Radek Osicka, RWE Gas Storage,


“At first, I was only using Procesoid to manage my personal processes. I soon found out that the app enabled me to manage my processes very easily and effectively. So I have purchased more licenses for the members of my working team. We gradually moved all our business processes into Procesoid, to cover our whole production of wool duvets and bedding. It’s wonderful how simple it was to systematize all our workflows in one place, giving me, as the owner, full control over our business processes in Besky.”

Zuzana Bilkova, owner of Besky,


“Before we switched to Procesoid at our company, we had been managing our processes via Google Spreadsheets and integrations with other apps. It led to problems and a necessity to set up every process from scratch in order to be effective and helpful for colleagues, rather than obtrusive. After several months of using Procesoid, we have gradually fine-tuned all our processes to perfection. Even those colleagues, who were playing hard-to-get before, are now working smoothly on their workflows. And they get an automated email notification if they don’t :-)”

Tereza Suchanova, Senior People Team Coordinator at


“At QARA, Procesoid helps us to deliver a great customer experience with our services, no matter who the client or broker is. For example, our most complex process that covers real-estate sales from A to Z contains 300 steps. No one can keep this number of tasks in their head. But thanks to Procesoid, our brokers won’t forget any of them, and our clients get the first-class service.”

Jan Novotny, a real-estate broker and co-owner of

Říčany u Brna

“Process management is crucial for any local administration because mistakes often lead to disputes. As our auditors like to say: ‘We are here to check up on you, whether you have processed everything right.’ Procesoid has solved these problems for us once and for all.”

Jan Studeny, town major of Ricany u Brna,

Ilona Černochová

“We manage most of our client cases for real-estate contracts in Procesoid. It enables us to work on them as a team. Everyone knows what to do, and we never forget anything. Therefore, Procesoid enables us to deliver much better service and have more satisfied clients.”

Ilona Cernochova, LL.M., advocate and real estate lawyer,

Rady na cestu

“Our travel agency has been using Procesoid for three years. Thanks to Procesoid, we have mapped and managed almost all business processes in our company. It makes our work way more efficient and employee onboarding easier.”

Sabina Rodicova, project manager at

Na volné noze

15 crucial process with hundreds of instances each year (Robert Vlach)

Pavel Minář

hundreds of training events and setups of Google Workspace (Pavel Minar)

Examples simple to use

Procesoid’s greatest advantage is its absolute simplicity in designing, managing and supervising business processes.

The app itself is also extremely simple to use and based on the best practices in business process management:

  • A dashboard with an overview of your processes and ongoing work
  • Smart checklists instead of confusing process diagrams
  • Notes and values can be entered directly on a checklist
  • Work with several instances of a single process at once
  • Each process has its owner (you or your company)
  • There’s an accountable person for each process run
  • Coworkers and managers can be added
  • Easy design and maintenance of processes, even for ordinary people
  • Set email reminders for important steps and tasks
  • Great usability in desktop and mobile browsers
  • Centralized management of users and user permissions

Procesoid was not made to impress. It contains only the necessary features that you need for perfect control and work. Just take a look at some of the basic screens:

Pricing simple prices

The price is just as straightforward as the app itself.

For an unlimited number of processes and their instances, you are charged once a year and the price depends only on a selected number of users — all in one simple invoice.

You can upgrade anytime. And you're not committing yourself to the app on the first date, because the first month is always free.

*In some cases, VAT may apply.

1 to 5 users
$95 / €79 per year
6 to 20 users
$479 / €389 per year
21 to 100 users
$2,290 / €1,890 per year
over 100 users
we will gladly send you an offer

Free trial simply try it for free

Try the first month for free:

  • Procesoid is a web application for process management. It is designed to manage recurring tasks and workflows (processes) and record each repetition as a process instance by the process owner or invited users.
  • The service provider and owner of Procesoid and related trademarks is Ben Loop s.r.o., Kubanske namesti 1391/11, Prague, 100 00, Czech Republic.
  • Only the owners of the processes are charged the license fee for the use of Procesoid, not the users who take part in their completion. Each user is an independent administrator of his/her account.
  • To avoid any doubts, the owner of the user account is the paying customer (the person being invoiced); the owner of a free user account, as the case may be, is the person holding the e-mail address (the authorised user is the person that communicates through this email).
  • The license fee allows the user to create and manage their own processes, access our customer support and permit (or deny, at any time) the specified number of users with access to the processes.
  • You hereby acknowledge to be aware that the managers authorized to manage the processes may authorise other users to access these processes on their own. However, you will have an overview of the authorised users through the Manage Users screen.
  • Each account belongs to either a specific individual, or to an organisational unit. One user account may be used only by one person at a time.
  • The provider, authors and/or the administrator of Procesoid do not have access to your processes, instances and data that you store there, except for cases when you have personally authorised them to access them through the website interface, e.g. when they are providing customer care or help with troubleshooting.
  • The data stored in Procesoid are the property of the owner of the relevant processes, who may export these data and download them in a machine-readable format (XML).
  • You hereby acknowledge that the provider is not liable for any application errors, data loss or any harm directly or indirectly incurred due to the use of Procesoid in any conceivable regard.
  • Nevertheless, the paying customers may report the errors, outages or any significant flaws of the application and claim a refund of a proportionate part of the license fee.
  • The authors of Procesoid take the security of the application and protection of your data seriously. Procesoid is operated on the European datacentres of the renowned DigitalOcean, LLC, which is committed to comply with the strict rules of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks to prevent any unauthorised access to your data.
  • The provider of the application is not liable for infringements of intellectual property rights or the right to the protection of personal data incurred due to your use of Procesoid.
  • Procesoid is a registered trademark and the application is a copyrighted work as protected by the applicable legislation. Making copies or imitations of the trademark or of the application itself is strictly forbidden.
  • The provider is entitled to remove the data from the server without any compensation and without warning at any time if these terms and conditions are breached, or if the customer fails to pay for the license fee for the next period by the due date.
  • The provider reserves the right to block any users who use the application in breach with these terms and conditions, with applicable legislation and/or in breach with ethical behaviour; the provider may do so at any time and with immediate effect.
  • Training or process management consulting are not included in the fee. These services are provided by the provider or contracting partners separately.
  • You hereby acknowledge that by completing the order you provide your true and accurate personal data (name and surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address and bank account number) to the provider, who will process them exclusively for the purpose of processing the order and providing the services, i.e. providing the access to Procesoid for the pre-paid license period and for another 12 months from the end of the pre-paid license period. The e-mail will be used only for notifications and other important messages connected with the use of the application.
  • If you suspect that any of the data that the provider has about you is incorrect, you may change them at any time in your account profile after logging in, or you may ask for the permanent cancellation of your account through your account profile. In the case of any other issues related to your personal data, please contact us at the customer care service e-mail address:
  • You can use Procesoid free of charge for the initial trial period of one month. If you order Procesoid for your personal activities only (as a consumer) you may cancel your order at any time only during the initial trial period, which immediately precedes the paid license period.
  • The provider reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. You will be notified about such changes by e-mail and/or whenever you next log in to the application. Should you disagree with the change, you may terminate the paid use of the application by sending a notice to the e-mail within 30 days, without any notice period, and you may claim a refund of a proportionate part of the license fee.
  • Any potential disputes arising out of the use of Procesoid and in connection thereof are governed by Czech law and will be resolved by the competent Czech courts.
  • Terms and Conditions – version 2.2, dated 30 June 2020.

About us simple introduction

Procesoid is a joint work of three professionals:

Daniel Dimitrov - web developer

Daniel Dimitrov web developer

developed Procesoid from scratch

Pavel Minář - sales and customer care

Pavel Minář sales and customer care

IT consultant & manager with 25 years of experience in software development

Robert Vlach - business consultant

Robert Vlach business consultant

author of Procesoid's process model and its architecture

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