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Procesoid’s 2018 Recap

Developing an app for business is like climbing a stairway to heaven and we’ve jumped quite a few steps last year.


We started to develop Procesoid for our own needs back in 2015, but 2018 was actually the first year we switched from direct sales only and started to market our app to the world. We have positioned it as the world’s simplest process management for business and turned this claim into a central idea for considering future improvements or features. The net result was a 473 % year-on-year growth of paid users.

Last spring, we moved our blog from Medium and changed its name to Repeat — the essence of managing business processes in one word. These were the top 5 articles of the year:

  1. Creative Checklist
  2. To Improve Work-Life Balance Try a Basic Process: Weekly Review
  3. Process or Project: What’s the Difference?
  4. Using Procesoid For Process Management In Our Digital Agency, an independent review by Patrik Sima
  5. Creative Process Explained clearly made quite an impression since it was only published at the end of December

We have also published other great guest-posts including the colourful In Praise of Checklists by Milos Cermak and intend to invite more guest writers this year as well.

As Procesoid’s co-founders, we got quite a few invitations to lecture on agile process management or the app itself. The best were at the huge European SME Congress in Katowice, the renowned Project Club in Ostrava and Newton College in Prague and Brno.

These were all unique opportunities to discuss the changing landscape of process management with real-world professionals and process consultants. We’re already booked for some more events this spring and are looking forward to others in the future.

Another major milestone was that we reached the break-even point in Procesoid’s finances earlier in 2018, meaning that our revenue stream was strong enough to support our costs and steady future developments without having to take on more debt or extra investments. We just love and embrace the idea of being sustainable for our customers and years to come.

Robert Vlach, Paul Minar & Dan Dimitrov

Robert Vlach, January 30, 2019

Business consultant, writer and EUpreneur. Proud founder of Procesoid and Na volne noze — one of the largest national freelance communities in Europe

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