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Agile Process Management Manifesto

Here are the essential guidelines for managing your business workflows in the simplest of terms.

Agile Process Management Manifesto

We have already covered most of these best practices for agile process management on our blog, but this is the briefest summary so far. Like every manifesto, this isn’t meant to be universal and applicable everywhere, but we still believe these are the lessons worth remembering if you aspire to keep your processes light and flexible — now and forever after:

  • Keep it simple. Don’t treat processes like rocket science, especially if you’re no scientist and all you need is to get the work done.
  • When you need to process a workflow, don’t wait. Start right away by writing down key steps. Iterate, and fix any flaws you encounter.
  • Incomprehensive processes that few people understand are a common bad practice. A good process is easy to grasp and follow.
  • Favor linear process checklists and similar simple tools, which anyone can check and update, over complicated process diagrams.
  • A single person should be accountable for each and every process instance. It is then their duty for this instance to succeed.
  • Allow experienced team members to update the processes they use, on their own. Let their know-how flow freely into the process!
  • Stupid mistakes happen when people follow processes blindly. Encourage them to improvise, using the process as a guideline.
  • Use reporting to capture unexpected issues and observations. But if do you ask people to write reports, thank them and read them.
  • Always orient your processes towards greater usability, if you want people to use them. Design processes with their end users in mind.
  • Processes are the lifeblood of every business, powerful enough to transform it — or to ruin it. So keep them aligned with your values.
  • If you don’t use processes to manage your important personal workflows, you’re unlikely to manage your business processes well.
  • Over time, process all your basic workflows to prevent leaving any neglected orphans outside of your main process framework.
  • Sharing some of your fine-tuned processes with the world will improve your karma as well as your process management skills.
  • Avoid business process management (BPM) methodologies that are too complicated. Get inspired, but don’t worship any methods.
  • Flexible process management trumps formal BPM methodologies in most cases. Keeping that in mind, which would you try first?
  • You can’t have simple and flexible business process management with a clumsy tool or app — it needs to be light and easy as well.

Robert Vlach, May 16, 2019

Business consultant, writer and EUpreneur. Proud founder of Procesoid and Na volne noze — one of the largest national freelance communities in Europe

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