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Creative Checklist: Follow a Simple Process as a Map to the Eureka! Moment

Creative professionals often neglect their need for an improved creative process, but having a reliable one is usually better than counting on trial and error.

Download the Creative Checklist (PDF, 254 kB)

You can’t control creativity — or so I thought. Process and creativity have always been opposites in my eyes. For 7 years my workflow looked like this:

  1. Get a brief
  2. Magically come up with ideas
  3. Send them to the client

The problem was with the “magical” part. It was unpredictable and uncontrollable. I tried different methods all the time. There was no order. I just “somehow” came up with ideas. Sometimes it took a few days, sometimes a few weeks. Sometimes I ended up with dozens of ideas, sometimes with hundreds of them. Sometimes the ideas were extraordinary, sometimes just good enough.

I considered this to be normal. I was sure the timeline, quality and quantity of ideas couldn’t be controlled. However, I began to notice over time that doing particular things in a specific way impacts and to some extent controls the workflow and its outcome. Then I came across a few interesting books (A Technique For Producing Ideas and The Art of Thought) and I suddenly understood that creativity IS a process and that it CAN be controlled.

It took about a year or so of tweaking my workflow until I found the perfect creative process for me and along with it the ultimate creative checklist. The number of ideas multiplied, the quality improved and the timeline was finally (more) predictable. And because I want to help you to find the process that would work best for you, I decided to share mine in the form of a checklist. Enjoy!

Tom Vachuda, February 15, 2018

Logo-designer who loves to tell complex stories through simple shapes and also to blog about creative stuff.

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