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Procesoid’s Dashboard: A Signpost And A Complete Overview In One Place

Dashboard is the main screen of Procesoid. You’ll find an overview of all your processes and instances on it.

Let’s take a look at each of the Dashboard’s parts. On the left, you’ll find an overview of all the processes that you have access to (both owned or managed). Beneath it, you can find the necessary links to create a new process or manage processes and users. On the right are open instances that you are either responsible for or on which you are defined as a Coworker.

  1. My Processes – an overview of the processes you own. This section is visible only to the account owner in Processoid. Other users (Process managers, Accountable persons, and Coworkers) see only sections 2 and 3. This ensures that all processes within an organization are held, managed and controlled by one and only one user or role. Thus the company has its process know-how under control.
  2. Managed Processes – if the Process owner has defined you as a Process manager, you will find in this section a list of processes that you manage.
  3. My Instances – a list of instances for which the user is responsible or is listed as a Coworker for the instance.
  4. Settings – if you click on your name in Procesoid, you will be taken to the account settings page where you can switch the preferred language for the application, change your password, etc.

Paul Minar, January 13, 2019

IT consultant & G Suite expert & co-founder of Procesoid

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