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Procesoid at the European SME Congress

Robert Vlach presented Procesoid and the upcoming English edition of his book at the European Congress of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in Katowice under the patronage of European Parlament.

European SME Congress

Robert got a last-minute invitation from Adam Zbiejczuk (’cause it’s a one-hour drive from Ostrava ;) and has enjoyed the event very much indeed — including small-talk with colleagues from Hungary or Germany and 3hours-long dinner talk with Matej Michlík, who came from Bratislava to present design (!) solar tiles (!!) Nice Visions for house facades (and is shorting Tesla a bit too :) We love Poland and this was a welcomed reminder. Robert’s presentation was of course in English, take a look.

Paul Minar, October 18, 2018

IT consultant & G Suite expert & co-founder of Procesoid

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