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First Process: Just Take The First Step!

Are you willing to implement processes but find yourself at a standstill? Don’t know how to start? The advice is simple – take the first step, just start!

There is no doubt that process management brings many benefits. Processes eliminate the mistakes we make under pressure, allow us to improve our workflows, delegate work, concentrate on the activity at hand instead of procedure, etc. Have you studied the theory, but you don’t know what is the first step? The advice is simple – don’t overthink it, start Procesoid and press the New process button.

Name your first process and add steps one by one. And what if the first version of the process isn’t perfect? It doesn’t matter. The magic of process management is that you are gradually optimizing your processes. When performing steps from the process instance, you may experience an inaccuracy or error. Don’t worry – you can always adapt your process (for example, you can add more precise steps) and the change is reflected in all instances (current, future and also past).

For example, this was my first process for training Google applications (Gmail, etc.):

Over time, I’ve improved it and now it has 36 steps. Everything is described in specific enough detail, that I can already delegate the preparation for a training to an assistant.

Please also remember that the process does not have to be just a simple checklist. The individual steps can be of different types. Do you need to record, for example, the contract price that the client agreed on? Add a step and set its type to number so you can enter an amount to be invoiced.

Have you already described a process in a text document or a spreadsheet? (By the way, tables are not ideal for storing processes.) You’ll love the Add multiple steps feature.

You simply paste all the steps of the process via clipboard and you’re done. You can also define the type of each step using the tags like !T, !L, !N, …

To create and to start using processes isn’t rocket science. You just need to start, describe each step and continuously improve the design of the process. If you have already described the process elsewhere, you are ahead of the game – transfer the process steps via clipboard into Procesoid and create the first instances right away.

Paul Minar, October 29, 2018

IT consultant & G Suite expert & co-founder of Procesoid

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