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Procesoid vs. Projects: Great Topic Fusion at The Project Club’s Meeting in Prague

Procesoid’s co-founders spoke about agile process management at the renowned Project Club in Prague.

Robert Vlach at The Project Club in Prague (photo by Jirka Chomat)

We are always happy to debate present and future trends in process management, and especially the course it has taken in recent years — towards more flexible methods and apps.

The best debates we’ve had so far this year were at the renowned Project Club in Ostrava and the recent one in Prague. The Project Club (organized a number of times each year by Mira Vlach) is a superb platform for Czech project managers. Its goal is to meet and discuss anything and everything related to their field. Processes and their deployment in everyday practice are naturally part of that discussion.

The Project Club in Prague (photo by Jirka Chomat)

The meeting in Prague was also special in that it somehow attracted not only many senior project managers, but also a small-but-growing group of Prague-based process consultants who are raising awareness about agile process management, such as Renata Novotna (one of the presenters), Michaela Novakova, Regina Kubcova, and Michaela Treglova. All four ladies are quite advanced in their approach to process adoption and we (Paul Minar and I) were quite happy to see them again, as always.

Paul Minar at The Project Club in Prague (photo by Jirka Chomat)

The meeting in Prague presented a great example of topic fusion. After a general introduction to process management, I explained the most common problems in everyday process management, Paul showed his fine-tuned workflows in Procesoid that can be used as templates for project-like gigs, and Renata gave a great presentation of two organizations and their dramatically different approaches to business processes. What followed, was a brief panel discussion and a Q&A session.

Robert Vlach, Paul Minar a Renata Novotna at The Project Club in Prague (photo by Jirka Chomat)

All and all, The Project Club’s meeting in Prague was a memorable event. We are always eager to discuss and debate these issues, so if you are looking to organize an event, produce a podcast, or publish anything online related to process management, we would be more than happy to contribute.

All photos by Jirka Chomat.

Robert Vlach, April 29, 2019

Business consultant, writer and EUpreneur. Proud founder of Procesoid and Na volne noze — one of the largest national freelance communities in Europe

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