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How I Grew My First Business Process to Organize Workshops

Do you believe artists and creators have to be disorganized, even chaotic? Well, certainly not in the 21st century.

Paper Magic

My profession, graphic design, is generally perceived as an intuitive and free-flowing type of business, but in practice it can be quite the opposite. I am the kind of woman, who is eager to tick off finished tasks on my to-do list and I freely admit that I get a stronger endorfine rush out of it than from doing sports.

I spent almost a year planning and organizing my first creative workshop of paper magic, mostly using Google G Suite docs and spreadsheets. I wouldn’t say that this couldn’t have been done (let alone say it would have been impossible) without them, but using these tools felt inflexible, impractical and lengthy over time. And this was at the beginning, when I was only dealing with the basics like lists of attendees, necessary tools and materials.

But as soon as I have started to design the process of the workshop itself, I discovered that those tools were completely unfit for meeting my needs and requirements. Furthermore, the workshop wasn’t meant to be a one-off event, but a recurring one with a similar workflow. The idea that I would be going through the same clumsy event management hardship all over again was unacceptable.

So I decided to try out Procesoid, an online tool that was designed for process management from scratch. There’s even a free month-long trial period for anyone trying to decide.

I was very pleasantly surprised by Procesoid’s minimalistic and intuitive user interface. After I watched the short video introduction by Paul Minar, I simply opened my account and started to design my first process: Preparation — During the event — After the event | Workshop.

At first, I was only recording the major steps needed to organize a workshop such as: Booking the date and time at the Atelier, Create a Facebook event, Order missing tools and materials and Pack tools and materials, because I thought a rough sketch would be more than enough.

But I soon found out that for my own peace of mind, I need to have my processes elaborated in much greater detail to bear the weight of risking failure and thus protecting myself against unwanted missteps and mistakes. So my process was quickly developing to include a growing number of partial and necessary steps, while it was at the same time deepening my sense of control and peace of mind.

Procesoid Workshop Process

It’s also possible to add, for example, a time notification to particular steps, which I used to time Order refreshments or Pick up refreshments and when the day came, I got an email notification from Procesoid to do so.

Another pretty useful feature is to add a note to a step. I have appreciated it in another process called Purchasing Tools and Material | Workshop, where I keep records of what was left over from the last workshop and what needs to be re-bought.

While designing this process I have also realized that some steps of that process, such as Pack tools and materials or Create a Facebook event, need to be designed as separated processes, because these tasks are pretty complex and contain a succession of tasks on their own. So I have decided to break the whole process into several standalone processes, which has made everything much more simple and transparent.

Though I work mostly on a PC and don’t own a laptop, Procesoid can be used on a mobile as well and I was even able to do so during the workshop. For example, when I found out that I had forgotten to include some tasks (to buy milk for coffee, or instructing attendees how to handle the watercolor brushes) I added these steps right away so that my process would be even more complete for the next instance and be reliable as never before.

And when the last step of a process was checked, I was finished and could close that instance on the spot, while creating a new one for an upcoming workshop at the same time.

After only a few days of using Procesoid I was sure that I couldn’t work without it anymore, nor would I wish to do so, and that I would use it beyond my free monthly trial period. Because it brings certainty, extra time and eliminates stress. I have even found myself tending to my processes over time and fine-tuning them to perfection.

Nada Moyzesova, November 5, 2018

Experienced freelance graphic designer and illustrator with a range of artistic interests such as paper magic

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