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Project Management

Project management represents a systematic approach to manage projects or unique, non-trivial goals (building a house, a big commission, railroad construction projects etc.). And since the achievement of these goals cannot be taken for granted, project management comes along with its own procedures, tools, methods and even full-scale methodologies and certifications like PMP, IPMA or PRINCE2, the final goal of which is to maximize the successful completion of a given project.

But because this entry belongs to the glossary of agile process management, the key point being stressed here is that the methods and approach of project and process management are fundamentally different. Although process management can be used within project management, it is focused solely on processes, i.e. recurring workflows.

Project and process management are often confused with one another. This is caused by the widespread popularity of project management and its openness to innovation, which – sadly – is quite the contrary in the old-fashioned and backward world of process management.

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