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Procesoid: Mission Log Q2 2018

Procesoid isn’t just a web app for tackling workflows. It is also our vision of introducing process management to millions of people that refuse to have to deal with complex methodologies and complicated software. It is a big dream, but we’ve taken quite a few steps to making this a reality over the last quarter.

We’ve been positioning Procesoid as the world’s simplest process management for business and have turned this definition into it’s core idea: When they grow complex, we grow simpler. The utter simplicity of having this as a goal may not suit everyone, but thanks to the growing number of orders, we see this as the upcoming market trend.

To raise the public’s awareness of agile process management, we have started a new blog on our website, while also adding a fresh new layout to the homepage. To be honest, our previous blog on was a dead end. The platform is flooded by content spam and it is running out of money, so they are pushing writers and users behind their paywall as a solution. And though our articles had pretty high traffic, 99 % was coming from our sources. We were also discouraged by Medium’s withdrawal of support for blogs with stand-alone domains. Moving the content away to our primary website was a logical final step in the process of a long goodbye.

If you wish to check the latest highlights on our blog, check out the warm-up Glossary of process management and a superb article In Praise of Checklist by the renowned publicist Milos Cermak. To raise the public’s awareness even further we have also started a Process Management group on Facebook and have set up a bit more personal Q&A spot on Quora.

Procesoid is faring well in sales. We’re continuing our practice of individual onboardings, which are done by Paul Minar in person — if you haven’t taken the opportunity yet, go and submit your trial order on our homepage and enjoy his famous customer service. And if you have been using Procesoid for some time already and wish to go through your processes with someone, send Paul an email to He’ll be happy to share his best practices while also adding some smart tips about what to improve.

Due to the solid performance in sales and word of mouth, we have reduced our budget for PPC ads in search. Some relevant keywords are selling at an absurdly high rate — $20 per single click is not an exception. Instead of paying these corporate prices, we have chosen the path of educating the public in the agile process management itself as we feel this makes much more sense over the long run.

We’re pushing the marketing cost down also to achieve a sustainable, balanced budget for the upcoming years. We want to invest our time and the money earned to improve Procesoid for our customers. We don’t want to be dependent on other investors who might be impatient in pushing us to make a profit over rising marketing costs. Having slower, sustainable growth with a healthy business core makes much more sense to us.

And last but not least, we have strengthened the personal data protection according to the GDPR. Even us, the admins and co-founders, don’t have access to the processes of our clients, not speaking of any personal data stored in there. Procesoid isn’t a CRM and it mostly contains other types of data (steps of workflows and related notes about them), but we took these steps anyway. We consider GDPR to be a very useful law indeed.

You can look forward to loads of new content on our blog in the upcoming months. We came to the conclusion that Procesoid’s users aren’t missing new advanced features, but rather are more interested in acquiring know-how and best practices about agile process management. That’s why we will roll out more blog post than before. Follow our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages to stay up to speed. You won’t be disappointed.

Robert Vlach
also representing co-founders Dan Dimitrov and Paul Minar

Robert Vlach, July 30, 2018

Business consultant, writer and EUpreneur. Proud founder of Procesoid and Na volne noze — one of the largest national freelance communities in Europe

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