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Procesoid: Mission Log Q3 2018

The number of Procesoid’s users grew 36 % in the 3rd quarter, a total of 400 % in last 12 months. Here’s the summary of the most recent quarter.

Procesoid: Mission Log Q3 2018

The third quarter was unexpectedly hectic for the normally quiet summertime season. Orders were piling up and Paul Minar as our “chief of sales and customer nirvana” was kept pretty busy fulfilling them all. One half of the new users are freelancers, the other half are companies, non-profits and smaller institutions.

And because there is almost no public discourse on agile process management, we have started to serve as a kind of a switchboard for entrepreneurs, who are looking into process management, but are determined to avoid ancient methodologies and complicated software tools.

One of them is Patrik Sima of the Scheema Digital agency, whose independent review of Procesoid was published recently on our blog with his kind permission. If you are going back and forth about whether Procesoid will suit your needs, read his review and it will probably really help you to decide.

And because the stream of questions is rather endless, we are pressing on with the practice of publishing our experiences on our blog both with agile process management in general and with the ins and outs of using various features of Procesoid in practice. Doing so on a weekly basis is challenging, but we’re also enjoying it as an opportunity to share the precious know-how we have come across as Procesoid’s creators. We see a great amount of sense in doing this.

As for the development of Procesoid itself, due to the fast growth of users we’ve been working lately on the removal of several bottlenecks and the new admin interface. When finished, this will enable us to manage a much larger number of users and execute sensitive data operations with a secure time-lock, such as deleting processes or whole user accounts, that we are naturally not allowed to access due to the GDPR restrictions. Testing and deployment of the new admin console is planned for the upcoming weeks.

Robert Vlach
also representing co-founders Dan Dimitrov and Paul Minar

Robert Vlach, October 8, 2018

Business consultant, writer and EUpreneur. Proud founder of Procesoid and Na volne noze — one of the largest national freelance communities in Europe

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