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Reminders: To Make Things Happen

Having your processes described is only a half victory. The second half of success comes when people follow and perform those processes. That’s why Procesoid can remind the right person at the right moment that something needs to be done.

Take the following example – a process describing the preparations for a Google G Suite training. And a step in this process to remind the lecturer a day before the training to send an email to participants about where and when the training begins:

Use the Set reminder function to set who and when the action should be taken:

In the morning on the given day, Procesoid will send an email with the information about the step that he or she should take. There is also a link directly to Procesoid in the message, where he or she can mark off the task as completed.

Additionally, thanks to the rules within the email program, Procesoid notifications can also be highlighted in some way – for example with an asterisk, a flag or a label.

Because people regularly check their email inbox, they can not overlook the reminders of a particular process step.

However, while developing Procesoid, we have adopted the philosophy that more important than such notifications is that the responsibility of it is assigned to a particular person for the proper progress of the process instance. The process management culture in an organization should be set up so that nobody tries to talk their way out of the fact that she or he, for example, overlooked the notification. On the contrary, for each process instance, there must be a sole person responsible for it. The reminders are just here to make things easier, not to directly manage them.

Paul Minar, February 18, 2019

IT consultant & G Suite expert & co-founder of Procesoid

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